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“’If successful, these programs will be world leaders in climate action and green-power development,’ said Paul Fenn, the chief executive of a San Francisco-based company, Local Power, who wrote the original 2002 legislation that opened the door for local communities to procure their own power.”
The New York Times, 2009
"Fenn has spent his career fighting to green our energy supply by transforming the industry’s structure, creating Community Choice Aggregation, or CCA, which lets a locality take over the sourcing of its own power. CCA may be reaching a tipping point in California: More than 50 communities, representing 20% of the state’s privately provided electric load, are in the process of implementing the program, aiming to deliver 100% renewable electricity in Marin County, for instance, and 51% in San Francisco. ”
Fast Company, 2008
"'The whole point is to prove that a major city can go to 51% green in a very short period of time without any increase in rates,' Fenn says. 'If we can, this should spread virally.' ”
Fast Company, 2008 (cont'd)
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